Welcome to CHOICE College Admissions Consulting! We are so glad you're here!

We exist to provide expert coaching to the best and most selective colleges, universities and graduate school programs in the country. Why hire a private college consultant you may ask? A college coach is first and foremost dedicated to the needs and dreams of individual students each with unique talents, interests, and goals. We assist students in realizing his or her college aspirations without bias or pressure of representing a specific educational entity. 

CHOICE serves students from 7th grade through graduate school applicants and everyone in between. Each stage and phase of academic development has its own unique attributes and needs.  We offer specialized packages to fit your budget, time, and concerns.

Using online coaching, one on one sessions and workshops, we join the student on their path and help lay the foundation for academic and personal success. We are available to work with individual families, public and private schools, college prep programs, home school co-ops, and teams.